New Covenant Baptist Church
Monday, August 19, 2019

The Law of the Tree

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Posted 3 months ago by asdfasdf
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Posted 1 month ago by Diestlyped30
This sermon is one of my favorite sermons that I had heard. I like this sermon because the preacher guides us to do good things and don’t lie to anyone. Here you need to check and get more helpful info for the sermons. He have also explained that the good people only do good things and bad people do bad things because of evil in their hearts. I want to thank the speaker for the fabulous sermon.
Posted 2 days ago by Anonymouss
What was the The Law of the tree sermon preaching? I did not exactly understand quite clearly and now I have to write my assignment on the teachings. But I do not know clearly what it shares so can someone maybe help me out?
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The Law of the Tree Luke 6:43-45