New Covenant Baptist Church
Saturday, January 16, 2021





We welcome new members without regard to their class, race, sexual orientation or status in the community. We welcome them with openness to their relationship with God and the church in the past. Those who have been baptized as believers by any method will be welcomed to membership.  Those who have been baptized as infants and have clearly confirmed their baptism as teenagers or as adults, will be welcomed as new members.


Members will be asked to keep these covenant promises:

        I will protect the unity of my church by acting in love toward and growing in love for the other members.

        I will share the responsibility of my church by worshiping God as I know him in Jesus Christ and by inviting others to join me in worshiping and serving him.

        I will give myself to the work of my church by using my gifts as best I can discover them to serve with a caring heart.

        I will protect and serve my church’s message about a good and loving God by attending faithfully, living a godly life, and giving regularly and proportionately from my income.